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"4 ArtSite"

Petra Berghorst, Rosemarijn Dissen, Bria Kromm, Nynke Kuipers, Esther Sluiter, Myra de Vries and Valerie Zwart.

Gallery ArtSite will celebrate it's fourth birthday with a group exhibition of seven artists. Since 2004, ArtSite has surprised it's visitors with exhibitions of paintings in very diverse styles. A number of artists that exhibited work in ArtSite earlier, takes part in the exhibition "4 ArtSite". The style of the exhibiting artistst will be diverse as ever, but the works share one attribute: They will al be the same size.

Links to the previous exhibitions of these artists:
- Petra Berghorst (2005)
- Rosemarijn Dissen (2008)
- Bria Kromm (2006)
- Nynke Kuipers (2008)
- Esther Sluiter (2005)
- Myra de Vries (2006)
- Valerie Zwart (2006)

Petra Berghorst 'paints' with the screen; her silkscreen prints on canvas are all unique pieces. Her work is about 'connections', like the connection between space and human experience. Aspects like contrast and harmony dominate the work.

Rosemarijn Dissen creates mysterious landscapes on canvas. The circle of life, in the extensive space of mountains and skies, searching for the unknown. The transparent painting techniques she uses result in a subtle richness of colour.

Bria Kromm uses oil paint in thin layers. Her paintings concern inner- and outer space and the way people experience their surroundings. An explicit spectrum of colours and symbols characterise Bria Kromm's work.

Nynke Kuipers shows the world as a comic, sometimes humorous, sometimes grew some. Daily events are shown in a surprising, often humoristic manner trough the playful use of composition and perspective. Nynke Kuipers uses a clear stroke, with a twist.

Esther Sluiter created a series on Anansi, a mythological spider from narrative traditions in Africa and the Caribbean. In these moralistic fables he outsmarts everyone. During the exhibition 4 ArtSite one of Esther Sluiter's Anansi creations will be shown.

Myra de Vries combines elements from different landscapes into new fantasy lands, often alarming or fairytale-like sceneries. There might be more about a landscape than meets the eye, having invisible sides and even threats. Houses no longer offer safety, threatened by their surroundings. The invisible grid on which the landscapes were built sometimes comes to the surface.

Valerie Zwart was inspired by the precise and thorough approach of Japanese artists. She uses samples of different origin and combines them with her own vision. The title of the painting shown in this exhibition, 'The Mankes Falcon', refers to Jan Mankes' painting 'Torenvalk' (kestrel) and the movie 'the Maltese Falcon', and was partly based on Vincent van Gogh's painting 'The Blooming Plumtree (after Hiroshige)'. In the background you'll find Art Deco patterns that emphasize the repetitive nature of the painting.

Valerie Zwart - The Mankes Falcon, 40x40 cm, olieverf op hout


Bria Kromm - Japanese Woman I, 40x40 cm, olieverf op doek


Bria Kromm - Japanese Woman II, 40x40 cm, olieverf op doek


Bria Kromm - Japanese Woman II, 40x40 cm, olieverf op doek


Myra de Vries - Green Cabbage, 40x40cm, acryl op doek


Myra de Vries - True Believers, 40x40cm, acryl op doek


Myra de Vries - Used to have a purpose, 40x40cm, acryl op doek


Nynke Kuipers - Home Town, 50x50 cm, gemengde techniek op doek


Petra Berghorst - Moor I, 50x50 cm, acryl/zeefdruk op doek


Petra Berghorst - Moor II, 50x50 cm, acryl/zeefdruk op doek

Esther Sluiter - Anansi's duivelverschrikker, 50x50cm, gemengde technieken op doek

Rosemarijn Dissen - Mortality, 50x50 cm, acryl op doek

Rosemarijn Dissen - Evermore, , 50x50 cm, acryl op doek

Rosemarijn Dissen - Dawning is the day, 50x50cm, acryl op doek

Rosemarijn Dissen - Everybody knows, 50x50 cm, acryl op doek