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Myra de Vries - The visible landscape

28 MARCH - 30 APRIL 2009
Myra de Vries, 'The visible landscape', paintings.

Landscape collector Myra de Vries returns to Gallery ArtSite with a new series of paintings. The grid the landscape was built on comes to the surface in this new work. Houses are no longer a safe haven, they look abandoned and the atmosphere seems threatening. Pieces of different landscapes are put together in collage-like paintings, with mysterious and sometimes alarming elements.

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Simone Henken, fotografie

21 FEBRUARY - 26 MARCH 2009
Simone Henken (photography)

'At Home in Holland', photography by Simone Henken.
Wearing a layered white collar these youngsters pose for the camera. The collar refers to the wealthy regents of the Dutch Golden Age. Their painted portraits can be found close to ArtSite Gallery at the Frans Halsmuseum. This way the ‘old’ Holland and the ‘new’ Holland are linked together.

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"4 ArtSite"
Petra Berghorst, Rosemarijn Dissen, Bria Kromm, Nynke Kuipers, Esther Sluiter, Myra de Vries and Valerie Zwart.

Gallery ArtSite will celebrate it's fourth birthday with a group exhibition of seven artists. Since 2004, ArtSite has surprised it's visitors with exhibitions of paintings in very diverse styles. A number of artists that exhibited work in ArtSite earlier, takes part in the exhibition "4 ArtSite". The style of the exhibiting artistst will be diverse as ever, but the works share one attribute: They will al be the same size.

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Rosemarijn Dissen (Paintings)

In the new series paintings by Rosemarijn Dissen mysterious landscapes appear. The cycle of life in the free space of mountains and skies, on a search for the unknown. At night Sirius shines with a brilliant blue-white radiance. Sirius is the brightest star in our night sky.
The new series of paintings was made with a.o. the Lascaux Sirius Primary System. This unique, balanced system is based on a holistic view on colour and consists of five primary colours.

Rosemarijn Dissen (Amsterdam, 1973) studied at the Constantijn Huygens art academy in Kampen.

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16 AUGUST - 11 OCTOBER 2008

Phuntsok Tsering
& Gendün Chöpel Artists' Guild from Lhasa.

Phuntsok Tsering was born in 1976 in Duchung, Tibet. Now he works and lives in Germany. He learned to paint in a traditional way in Tibet, and he studied poetry and literature in Lhasa. Here his interest in Tibetan poetry and calligraphy was woken. He started to use poetry in a free style. For his paintings and collages he uses handmade paper, in his work he uses the contrast between traditional symbols and the signs and forms of modern life.

In Lhasa the Gendün Chöpel Artists' Guild was created in 2003. In their work the artists often comment on the contrast between the traditional and contemporary life and art in Tibet.

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6, 7, 8 JUNI 2008

During the Stripdagen Haarlem comics and cartoons will be shown on many locations. Gallery ArtSite will exhibit work of Nynke Kuipers.
Nynke Kuipers (1965) studied at the Art academy in Breda, currently she works and lives in Amsterdam. Through her drawings and paintings she comments the world she lives in, in a humorous way. After her studies she worked as a screenplay writer. Working with the comicbook-like storyboards influenced her work resulting in a clear, vibrant use of colour and line.

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MAY 23 - JUNE 28, 2008
ArtSite Gallery sells all art books with a discount.
The Wish Tree offers visitors to write down a wish and swing it over the tree with a ribbon, the wind will take the wish to the skies outside.

From 23 May trough 28 June 2008, only closed on the 25th of June 2008.
Opening hours: Thursday - Saturday 12.00-17.00

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12 APRIL - 15 MAY 2008
Loek Koopmans (paintings)

A special effect of light and shadow, colour and layers speaks from the paintings of Loek Koopmans.
The landscapes that arise from his fantasy without any sketches are mysterious and originate spontaneously. Loek Koopmans (1943) was born in Haarlem, he studied at the Arnhem art academy. He is a well known and awarded illustrator, he developed to be a autonomous painter. His most recent paintings will be shown in this exhibition.

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8 MARCH - 10 APRIL 2008
Menno Ravenhorst: 'Posing Unawares'
(paintings and drawings)

Gallery ArtSite has exhibited Ravenhorst's work several times before. New York City is a recurring subject in his work. In the exhibition 'Posing Unawares' he portrays the people that inhabit the city in their most natural way: they are unaware of being observed. Even at the most common situation pose is important, even when we don't think about it. In these poses there's more to see than we realize at first sight.

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Johan Breuker, drawings.

During several visits to Great Brittain, France and Italy, Johan Breuker attended Renaissance and Baroque gardens and gardens with a Romantic style. The scent of previous times, the structures, the overflow of shapes, decorations and blossoming fascinate Johan Breuker, especially the effects of the sunlight that define the atmosphere of these places.
In his work you'll recognize this illumination, the brief moments of purity and desire that gardens and landscapes can provoke.

Johan Breuker (Amsterdam, 1942) studied at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. He now lives and works in Haarlem. He teached at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten (Artacademy) in Utrecht.

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Jeroen Witvliet, paintings.
"The main focus of my practice as an artist is to question, investigate and respond to the world around me. By exploring and experimenting with materials, subject matter and conceptualization, I am attempting to find my place in an ever changing world. At the same time I question the acceptance of painting as a visual, communicative tool."

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NOVEMBER 2, 3 and 4, 2007
Haarlem Kunstlijn
Exhibition runs until november 15

Kunstlijn Haarlem is an annual event showing all types of art in the city of Haarlem.
Galerie Artsite will participate with an exhibition in the "night of the Kunstlijn" on 2 november and will be opened from 20:00 to 23:00 on that evening. On saturday 2, and Sunday 3 november we will be open from 11:00 to 17:00. We will exhibit paintings by Rosemarijn Dissen and Jeroen Witvliet, and graphics by Joke Aelberts.

Jos van Wunnik, paintings.

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16 JUNE - 19 JULY 2007
Doke Melman, paintings.

Doke Melman studied at the Rietveldacademy (Amsterdam). She lives and works in Amersfoort. Her paintings can be classified as still lifes and landscapes.

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12 MAY - 14 JUNE 2007
Rosemarijn Dissen, paintings.

Rosemarijn Dissen was born in Amsterdam in 1973. She studied at the Art Academy in Kampen from 1993 till she graduated in 1998. During and after her studies she traveled around to study and work, to A.O. Scandinavia, USA and Japan.
In her work she uses a lot of the things she sees when she travels. The landscape, the cities, the people, the shop windows, the television shows, fashion. Her paintings involve identity, how people think about themselves, how they see themselves, and how they would like to be. She's also interested in the interaction between people and their environment, like old cities or new built surroundings.
She uses acrylics, sometimes mixed with raw pigments. Using the acrylic paint very thin, with a lot of layers, new shapes and colors arise.

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Mirande Phernambucq

Bria Kromm
Valerie Zwart

21/22 APRIL - 6 MAY 2007
ArtSite BloemenCorso

On occasion of the 60th Flowerparade (Bloemencorso) in Haarlem, Galerie ArtSite organises an exhibition with a flowertheme. Galerie ArtSite can be found on route of the Flowerparade. We will be celebrating the flowerparade weekend 21 and 22 April with some food and drinks.

The exhibition will show aerial photographs of Dutch bulbfields by Mirande Phernambucq (1966) a photographer represented by the aerial
photoagency of the famous Yann Arthus Bertrand.

The paintings by Bria Kromm (1957, Germany) shown in this exhibition offer a fotographic close up of waterlillies in an almost realistic setting mixed with surreal elements.

The digitally manipulated photographs by Valerie Zwart (1967, Canada) are mysterious with layered landscapes suggesting a tension between the desolate cityscapes and nature.

The flowers Anke van Dijk (1963, Friesland) painted with acrylics on canvas, are fresh and colourful, in the spirit of the Flowerparade.

Of course the 60th 2007 Flowerparade (Bloemencorso) is an event that's not to be missed and this exhibition with contemporary art is perfect to complete your visit to the old city of Haarlem.

The exhibition can be seen up to and including the 6th of May 2007. Open: Wednesday-Saturday & 1th Sunday of the month 12:00-17:00
Extra opening times on Sunday 22 April and Sunday 6 May.

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Daan de Jong

10 MARCH - 14 APRIL 2007
Daan de Jong, Clouds

Daan de Jong (1982, Utrecht) studies clouds. He started his research on clouds in small paintings, first using ink and watercolour on paper, nowadays he paints with waterbased oilpaint on canvas. While travelling, De Jong produces a lot of sketches and drawings, which he later uses in his paintings. Along with the paintings on canvas, Galerie Artsite will show 15 of these works on paper.
Daan de Jong listens to classical music while painting, so it might not be a coincidence the titles of his paintings, the Latin names for the different clouds, sound like music.

Daan de Jong studied at the Art Acadamy in Utrecht.

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Opening: Saturday 3 February, 18.00-20.00.
Joke Aelberts
Joke Aelberts was born in 1932 in Eindhoven, she grew up in Groningen and studied at the Minerva Academy in Groningen. After that she studied at the Rietveld academy in Amsterdam. During her studies she
preferred drawing and sculpting but later she discovered lithographic printing techniques. Slowly she turned from working in black & white to working in colour in lithographs and monoprints. Over the years her work
became more abstract. Exploring subjects from different angles results in continuous renewal of the images and their execution. Joke Aelberts has participated in the annual "Haarlem Kunstlijn", an event where galleries and workshops are open for the public. In her house in the centre of Haarlem, she explains the different printing methods she uses. Her work is part of collections like Gemeente Haarlem, Bisdom Haarlem, Diaconessen Ziekenhuis Leiden and several private collections.

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Toneelschuur Haarlem

Gerard Boersma (Paintings)
In front of the Toneelschuur in Haarlem, a girl is sending a text message - or did she just receive one? She seems to be standing there all alone in the dark while the lights reflect on her mobile phone. The use of shades and the atmosphere of despair are characteristic for Gerard Boersma's work. He was born in Harlingen in 1976, and graduated from the Minerva art academy in 2001. He uses a photorealistic style of painting and uses a limited range of colours to mix. Gerard Boersma finds themes for his paintings walking the streets of cities like New York, Florence and now Haarlem.

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Cécile van Hanja (Paintings)

Architecture of suburbs and industrial area's are the main subject in CÚcile van Hanja's work that will be on display in Galerie ArtSite. CÚcile van Hanja (1964, Corsica) completed her studies at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam. She lives and works in Haarlem.

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Menno Ravenhorst: "New Yorkers", Paintings
Opening: Saturday August 26, 17.00-19.00
The New Yorker moves around in a décor of manhandled stone, concrete, steel and glass, in harsh light that bounces and reflects from unexpected angles. Their terrain is the space between buildings, neon lights, taxis, cars, busses, trucks, traffic lights and traffic signs. In the chaos of the metropolis, people seem the only thing nature has to offer, and the contrast between them and the cultured landscape is immense.

The images chosen appear to be random. Unimportant moments. Incidental and easily forgotten – if at all noticed. People walking to work, going home after shopping, heading for lunch, waiting for the bus, pausing for a chat.

All the action begins at the point when the image was plucked from its environment. We can boldly observe as the New Yorkers tell their stories. But what are their stories? Ravenhorst makes a stab at the truth with brush and paint. In the end, however, the painting must come to life in the mind of the viewer. Which is precisely the intention.

Menno Ravenhorst was born in 1959 in Haarlem, he completed his studies at the Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam.

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23 JUNE - 9 JULY 2006: BOOKS!
Come have a look at our big collection of artbooks.
All books will be sold with a special discount for this occasion.
Opening hours: Wednesday to Sunday 12:00-17:00

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3 / 4 JUNI 2006: De Haarlemse Stripdagen
Igor Hofbauer
Galerie ArtSite invited the Zagreb-based artist Igor Hofbauer to present his work on the Haarlemse Stripdagen, northern Europe's largest comic book fair. He will exhibit concert posters, ink drawings and other artwork. A part of his concert posters will be shown in Haarlem's most famous rock venue Het Patronaat.
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Links: Patronaat | Haarlemse Stripdagen

28 APRIL - 31 MAY 2006
Menno Ravenhorst, Cécile van Hanja, Myra de Vries en Rosemarijn Dissen: paintings.

The urban landscape of New York City is the central theme of the paintings by Menno Ravenhorst. Although New York has a systematic structure, natural chaos appears. The bright lights and outspoken colours are prevalent in the paintings, but leave room for imagination.

The paintings by Cécile van Hanja show urban spaces as a frame for individual existence. The paintings reflect on the suburbs of our cities, and the increasing anonymity created by uniform architecture.

Landscapes collected by Myra de Vries are transformed into new, personal landscapes. The solitary and desolate atmosphere of newly built surroundings and demolition grounds reflect in Myra’s work.

Through layered structures the horizon itself becomes an independent element in the paintings by Rosemarijn Dissen. The contrast between organic surroundings and geometric organisation forms the compositions. Recognizable landscapes change into separate elements, rearranged in a new rhythm.

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24 MARCH - 26 APRIL 2006
Antoine Adamowicz, paintings
Layered graphic structures appear to move over Antoine Adamowicz's new canvases. The intense colours of his palette and the fascinating way in which positive and negative space flip back and forth amplify this moving sensation. It turns the paintings into a spatial experience of an almost contemplative beauty.
Antoine paints with egg tempera, a mixture of pure pigments, linseed oil and egg (a sort of mayonnaise), which gives a matte finish with rich, deep colours.
In 2003 Antoine's won the Royal Prize for Painting and in 2000 he won the Buning Brongers Prize for young painters.
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17 FEBRUARY - 22 MARCH 2006
Myra de Vries, paintings
Myra de Vries is a landscape collector. Buildingsites, newly built surroundings, demolition grounds. The lonely and desolate atmosphere of these landscapes reflect in Myra de Vries’ paintings.
Myra studied at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Utrecht. She’s a pricewinner of the prestigious Buning Brongers Prijzen.
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9 DECEMBER 2005 - 18 JANUARY 2006
Valerie Zwart, paintings

Japanese Ikebana tries to create a harmonious composition of contrasting elements. In the series of paintings 'Urban Ikebana' by Valerie Zwart nature and built surroundings meet, reflecting how Ikebana connects arranged nature indoors with the scenery outside.

"Valerie Zwart makes saturated, atmospheric paintings: colours intensify or fade, transition to a new hue, or back away into the shadows. Zwart's alternative, magical iterations of nature and its uneasy relation with the built environment always hold something of themselves back from us, as one image-layer after another rises up or falls away from inspection. These brilliant and dappled canvasses envince an intense and deeply personal experience of landscape, even in the darkest inches." Brad Corbin
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Rosemarijn Dissen, paintings
Since the early 20th century Japanese art has influenced Western- and Dutch art, this is shown in the exhibition by Rosemarijn Dissen at ArtSite Gallery.
In the series ‘Japonisme’ the Japonistes imagine themselves to be in a world of tea ceremonies where the rich patterns of silk kimonos start spreading around the room. Silent Zen-gardens and set tearooms form a contrast with the organic shapes of whirling spring blossoms and waving patterns in the gravel, with a mysterious blaze of colour. Even where the human figure isn’t actually present, the planned landscape reflects the vision of the contemplative human being.

Rosemarijn Dissen (1973, Amsterdam) studied at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Kampen and has been showing her work regularly since. She paints with acrylics in a transparent way using thin layers
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Martijn Couwenhoven, Paintings
Martijn Couwenhoven (1972) breaks the silence that dominates his earlier tranquil paintings. From set compositions in egg-tempera he switched to swift stray shapes painted in acrylics. Where Martijn Couwenhoven abstracted the architectural parts in his direct surroundings of Holland in his early paintings, he now turned to floating clouds and swirling water. In Monet's garden in Giverny (France) he found the freedom of the water he strongly portays in his present paintings. The elements enter Martijn Couwenhoven's work and he knows how to rearrange them on the canvas.
A catalogue of this exhibition will be available.
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Jaap Binnema (Paintings)
A dreamy silence opposite to geometrical shaped machinery.
A ray of light intersecting whirling dust.
A feeling of space in the empty train station of Haarlem, the sound of the last carriage slowly fading.

Jaap Binnema (1948) finds a source of inspiration for his painting in the extraordinary of daily life. The mystical atmosphere silence, space and light can bring to abandoned industrial landscapes of factories, metalconstructions and complicated structures are captured in Jaap Binnema's paintings.
Dim colours, grey light with sometimes a stroke of sunlight characterize his work.
He works with acrylics and oil on paper and canvas.
After showing his work around The Netherlands this is his first exhibition in his hometown Haarlem, with Galerie ArtSite.
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1 JULY - 4 AUGUST 2005
Marcel Pol (Paintings)
Marcel Pol's paintings are inspired by fragments of daily life, parts of conversations, meetings by chance and especially the landscape of Groningen . In reaction to inspiring moments he begins his paintings. He works with outspoken colours and the figures on a series of small
canvasses. He rearranges the colours, the materials and the figures in a way that catches the eye. In his work Marcel captures the moment he started his paintings with. By his clear choices, recognizable figures and colours, the viewer can feel the moment that was portrayed.
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27 MAY - 30 JUNE 2005
Menno Ravenhorst
"New York City"
The Urban Landscape of New York City is the central theme of the exhibition of paintings by Menno Ravenhorst, presented by ArtSite Gallery from the 27th of May till the 30th of June.
Although New York is systematically built, it seems a natural chaos appears. The bright light of the city and the outspoken colours are prevalent in the composition of the paintings, which still leave room for imagination.
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Petra Berghorst, 'Canary Warf'

22 APRIL - 26 MAY 2005
Petra Berghorst (silkscreen / acrylics on canvas)
In 2003, Petra Berghorst graduated at the School of arts in Utrecht. In her works, she places photographic images as a silkscreen on canvas. By focussing on 'ordinary' elements and placing them in different contexts, a new image arises. Berghorst makes the spectator change his outlook on things.
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4 APRIL - 16 APRIL 2005 )toon) festival
Narrominded @ Galerie Artsite
- Installment Plantoon;
An interactive installment. Visitors can give the "plant" water and light and interact in the development of the sounds.

- Exhibition: Coen Polack;
Coen Polack is responsible for the artwork of the label and will exhibit photgraphic works.

- Concert;
Saturday 9 april 19:00 - 20:30: Hydrus, Garçon Taupe and Living Ornaments (NL) concert - Free entrance

website )toon) festival
website Narrominded

25 FEBRUARY - 3 APRIL 2005
Esther Sluiter (Drawings)
Esther Sluiter (1973) studied at the Art Acadamy of Maastricht. She produces paintings, drawings and graphics. For this exhibition she used charcole on paper to create more than life-size sportsmen, to show what they are telling us through their postures. The expression of raw emotions contrasts with the cool way she portrays them.
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21 JANUARY - 23 FEBRUARY 2005:
Rogier Wagenvoort (paintings)
For 1.5 years now, Rogier is documenting the downfall of The Bijlmer-neighbourhood in southeast Amsterdam. His paintings (mainly acrylics) show the remains of the 20 famous blocks of flats, sometimes containing murals or graffiti. The works give a portrait of an era.
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3 DECEMBER 2004 - 20 JANUARY 2005:
Rosemarijn Dissen (paintings)
The paintings are rich with colour. Dissen paints with acrylics in a transparent way. Different layers create new shapes and colours on the canvas. The works deal with time and identity.
Click the image for an impression of the exhibition.